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The Crescent World, N’uell <n-oo-ell>

As time has flowed from a stream to tsunami, the races of men have trickled through the Deviled South Seas, leaving behind the “old world” of Yu-old, where there own mis-givings, over-population, war and greed were to be left behind… Yet old ways never seem to die, but adapt and become scars worn by the new ways.

N’uell was founded by man and his brothers healing from its own wounds. The Dwarves, along their earthen brethren and the feykind, eladrin, elves and their ilk, had begun to rebuild themselves after a stale-mated blood war. In the void they left, humans and their companions came and grew strong and steady. Both the fey and the earthen welcomed and befriended the new folk and a thousands of years passed in a flood in N’uell where once it only trickled.

The new folk brought old alliances and animosities. While they thought they left old ways behind, they discovered that much of what they escaped was just as true in N’uell as it was in Yu-old. The Muds (goblinoid, orc, and other men of beast and dark), the Talls (Ogri & giants) and the Wyrm-kind were strong and wild in the new world just as they were in the old.

N’uell’s center is the Spine River, wide and fast flowing from north to south, emptying out into the sea where humans first stepped onto N’uell. Most significant waterways flow to and from the spine. The flow isn’t always smooth as three great sets of falls mark the journey from end to end, pouring into great lakes.

Great mountains run parallel to the east and west coasts of the Northern half of the Crescent. These are the domain of the dwarves, West Hearth and East Forge. Even connected by secret and known underground roadways, the Dwarves have long abandoned the East, calling it their Sorrowed Tomb of what once was. West Hearth though is bustling and centered around Smyth, their capital and the largest iron forge in the known lands, a volcano tamed and tempered by the aqueducts fed by the spine. The dwarves share their skills and wealth with their allies of the men and their Earthkin… yet still smolder and grudge against the Feykind.

Speaking of the Feykind, while still roaming N’uell and dwelling in pockets, they have claimed the isles of the East beyond the Shattered Coast of the Wyrm. There the reach to the Feywild is still the strongest. Yet pockets of their primal touch and pool in the midst of the Crescent.

To the south east lay the territories of the Water Fields, home to the floating farms of the halflings. Their great crops have spread through N’uell through the wanderlust of the halflings and their most welcome harvesting arts.

The kingdoms of man range across the Crescent, north to south, east to west. There was once a peace and while some hold to this still, others have broken from the pact that was crossed in the city of Three Bridge, and brothers now cross brothers….

Main Page

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