The Greyrobes

The Pact wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the diviners guild of N’uell, the Greyrobes.

An order of sages, artisans and craftsmen, both mundane and arcane, that have devised, built and maintained an infrastructure that has allowed knowledge, travel, communication and trade to flourish on the Crescent. Whether it is the development of the maintaining of the light towers, transmitting news and information across the land, or the maintaining of the Piercing road and the placement of resthavens for camping travellers, the Greyrobes have been dedicated to making the Pact between kingdoms a reality.

To be a greyrobe, one must train with them and accept a period of poverty, you are paid handsomely in knowledge and skill. Whether you dedicate yourself for a season, years or your life, your dedication to expanding your mind and maintaining the Pact, is worth more any price in coin.

If you wish to learn the arcane ways, those who don’t dwell in Arkus or find someone with the knowledge to pass on, begin their teaching with the Greyrobes. In fact, most children spend off seasons learning from the Greyrobes the ways of literacy, basic arithmetic, and may even begin tutelage in a trade.

Equality has been the gift of the Greyrobes across Nu’ell, but with wars looming, the order is beginning to be fractured and all demand to know what flags the robes stand behind and even of more importance, which flags they oppose.

The Greyrobes

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