The Pact

Humans and their fellow races that sailed to N’uell are said to have fled their old lives for freedom. They came to this new land to live a new way, a life of peace and for many, free of tyranny, dogma and prosecution. At times whole kingdoms fled Yu’old for the Crescent so while there were kings, nobles and fragments of the old feudal ways there was also the wealth of a new land. The dream of something different rose from the ashes of the what was.

After some stumbles, the peoples of N’uell entered into the Pact. It was agreed that there was enough for all to live on without warring over scraps. Kingdoms and families that once feuded, buried the past and found peace and prosperity. The squabbling that was of necessity in Yu’old were of no concern in the bounty of the Crescent.

For hundreds of years only pockets of disagreements were seen and with the exception of fending off threats to the Pact, peace prospered and grew, along with the numbers of people and kingdoms that grew from the fertility of peace.

Where once there were a few kingdoms, now are tens of tens and the Pact has not grown with them. With abundance, the new people have rediscovered ambitions. There are too many voices who claim leadership, too many who think they are right. The humility and desire for agreement has faded, replaced with the desire to be right and the true way.

As the age of the Pact is ending, the people who were once free and content are now hearing more and more of “pledging of loyalty,” “dominion,” and “conquering.” The voices and kingdoms that wish to keep the Pact alive are being drowned out by those who believe that order must be found, that the voice of one, often their voice, is the right one.

So is fading the age of the Pact and beginning of an age that echos the past that the arrivals thought left behind.

The Pact

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